Frequently Asked Questions | How do I use Puracycle Labels?

The Puracycle labeling system is designed for sustainability, cost-efficiency, and ease of use. We love answering customer questions and have compiled a list of some of our most commonly asked questions!

Q: How do I apply Puracycle Labels?
Lightly hold the sides of the label as you stick the center to the center of your bin. Once the center of the label is secure, firmly flatten out the rest of the label, beginning from the center. Try to eliminate any air bubbles or folds to give your labels their longest lifetime. Apply outward force to each corner to take advantage of our patent-pending waterlock technology; a micrometer scale water resistant border that promotes a year-long lifetime.

Q: Is it free to have our Company logo on the labels / I need very specific text on our labels, can we customize?
A: Yes, with orders over 1,000 Labels, six color customization is free. We encourage you to add your logo and any text you deem necessary. You can request customization forms by emailing

Q: Your product doesn't wear away like other labels, why?
A: Our label was designed to sustain through 500 dishwashing cycles or one year of use. The labels were engineered to be written on and erased, similar to a heavy-duty whiteboard. Our patent-pending waterlock technology keeps the corners held down strong for its whole lifetime, unlike any other labels on the market. The superhydrophobic adhesive is so strong, you can even apply the labels to steel, fully submerged in freezing water. 

Q: The labels made from recyclable products but are thrown in the garbage after use?
A: We recommend recycling the labels after their lifetime. They are built from recyclable polymer materials. We also offer the option to send any discarded labels back to our facility for local recycling as well.

Q: Will common markers work as well or is there a compelling reason to use the one you offer?
A: Markers are on a scale from easiest to remove (dry-erase) to hardest to remove (permanent). All markers write smoothly on the labels, but the dry-erase ink is easily removed from steam or condensation, while permanent makers require large amounts of scrubbing or alcohol/oil based cleaners to remove. Our Puracycle Markers are "foodservice sharpies"; they have no-odor, non-toxic, they are half the price of sharpies, and they have characteristics engineered specifically for kitchen requirements. The ink stays on strong through steam, condensation, boiling water, and freezing water, but the ink is easily removed with friction in the dish room. We include 3 free markers with every 100-pack of labels, and we sell them separately for half the cost of sharpies.

Freezing water

- Dry-erase markers erase very easily and are removed with steam/condensation. If you do not have freezers or steam baths, dry-erase is a great option.
- Permanent markers have a strong odor, are expensive, and are only removed with strong force or alcohol-based cleaners.
- Puracycle Foodservice markers were specifically engineered with the labels in mind. They have no odor, 1/2 the cost of sharpies, and the ink stays on through steam, boiling water, freezing water, and condensation. The ink is only removed with friction. We include 3 free markers with each pack of labels to encourage their use!

Q: How is the Puracycle Marker ink erased?
A: Two parts to this question. The ink from Puracycle Foodservice Markers only comes off when you apply wet friction, it does not erase from steam, condensation, boiling water, or freezing water. When you wish to erase your label, you simply send it to the dish room and it is easily removed with a cloth, rag, or even a thumb. The label simply peels off after its lifetime, exactly how daily labels are removed. We completely redesigned the materials and concept of a dining label and we are very proud of the simplicity and efficiency of Puracycle Labels.

Q: What do I do with discarded labels?
A: We recommend recycling the labels after their lifetime. We also offer the option to send any discarded labels back to our facility for recycling as well.


Q: Are the Bottle Labels different than the standard labels?
A: The Puracycle Bottlewrap Labels have the exact same technology and material composition as our standard labels. They are simply longer variants, designed to wrap all the way around a bottle. These labels are great for back of house or customer-facing dressings, sauces, and oils. Bottlewrap labels are also free to customize with orders of over 500 labels; email us at for customization templates!

Q: Can I ship them to multiple locations to save on shipping them myself when I receive them for all my accounts nationwide?
A: Yes, we offer free shipping to any continental US location. We can direct ship to each location to save you the time. You can also request online order forms by emailing or sending us a message through the website.

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