Size Comparison

Jokari Labels.
70 Labels in a pack:
  - 21 6.4cm x 2.7cm
  - 21 4cm x 2cm
  - 28 2.25 x 1.5 cm

Total material area: 625 cm2

ReMarkable Labels.
50 Labels in a pack
  - 7.5cmx5cm Labels

Total material area: 1,875 cm2

3X more surface area per pack of ReMarkable Labels.


Erasing Comparison.

Jokari Label Kits include a PVC eraser which leaves a large amount of shavings and is infeasible in a commercial kitchen setting.

ReMarkable Label Kits include melamine sponges; faster erasing, more applicable uses, higher durability, and no shavings.

Dishwasher Comparison

Mixed results for Jokari dishwasher durability tests.

Matthew found no signs of 'peeling, ware, or damage' of Jokari labels after many times through a commercial dishwasher.

Andy found 1 of the 3 labels he tested to fail during a residential dishwasher cycle on tupperware lids.

I have scheduled time for case testing with a commercial dining (conveyor belt) dishwasher later in the week for comparisons.

Adhesive waterlock Puracycle patent describes a water-tight seal formed between the label and container to prevent water or sanitizer from interacting with the label at sharp, high-force angles, and instead lowering interaction forces via a sloped adhesive interface.


Practicality & Usability

Fully templated ReMarkble labels promote cohesive labels between employees and the operation at whole.

Defined input areas help to train and educate new employees about required data prior to food storage.

Tick-boxes in high-turnover kitchens are fast to mark and erase, cutting back on individual 'day' labels or handwriting.